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Ely Manor in Allegan loves GVRS Roses!

Ely Manor in Allegan loves GVRS Roses!

Ruth at Ely Manor selected this group for her bedside table!


Prepping Roses for the Nursing Home

Prepping Roses for the Nursing Home

What happens to our roses after the show? I take them home and put them in unbreakable plastic soda bottle vases for people in nursing homes. Here is my dining room table in the middle of the post show nursing home bouquet prep.

June 2012 Rose Show Review

From The Editors Desk: 1997 (Excerpts)
Well another rose show has come and gone.  Thanks especially to those who helped with the Transport Committee, the rose show set-up, the clerking and show related activities.  Thanks to those who brought goodies for the Judges Coffee.  They were good as usual.  We also thank Betty Martin, Mary Bray, Lillian Harper, and former member Jean Larson, and others who helped with the Miniature Rose Sale.  We grossed about $600 dollars in rose sales, at and immediately following the rose show.  Jon Wier sold the last 24 roses at his place of work on the Monday.  Thanks Jon!
I was disappointed that not many non-exhibitors showed up to enter the show for the first time.   I suppose that many potential exhibitors fail to exhibit because their roses at show time were not the best they have ever grown, or it was a bad week for them.  Experienced exhibitors know that the weather is always bad on show week.  The weather is too cool, or too hot, too dry, or too wet.  An exhibitor must do the best he can with what his gardening skill and the weather give him.  One must also be willing to suffer rejection.  I am still smarting from the 2 judges that put a red ribbon on my beautiful First Prize rose.  It was one of the best in the show, even if a bit tight, but the red ribbon prevented any chance that other, more sympathetic judges, would consider her more favorably when the Queen and her court were chosen.   So you see, I don’t take rejection well.
Some how, not much has changed but the names and numbers.    Bill Blok

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