Nov. 2012

By Joan Stoffer
The date for our Christmas luncheon has been rescheduled since the last Newsletter.  The new date is DECEMBER 15, at 1:00pm – Grand Villa Inn.  If anyone needs directions, please call me at 453-0102.  We will have a choice of 4 entrees and dessert will be provided.  Cost is according to which entrée you order and prices are very reasonable.  You do not need reservations, but I do need a body count for the setup so let me know if you are attending.

Alice Otter will be presiding over a discussion panel at our next meeting, November 20th.  She always does a nice job in her presentations, so you won’t want to miss this one.

Our society, along with the Kalamazoo society, has been offered a free booth at the March Home Show in Grand Rapids.  Tom Conklin and Joyce Latta have been working on this, and they have also been asked to present their program, “Yes, You Can Grow Roses.”  Because the Home Show runs for 4 days, we would be obliged to man the booth for the duration of that time.  I think we could certainly use the exposure to gain new members.  We will be talking about this at the November meeting, so please be thinking about how much time each of you could offer, should we decide to involve our Society.  We may be a small group, but we are powerful!!!!

Pruning is finished in my rose beds, whereupon I discovered that borers had destroyed some of my best canes. Next year, in the Spring, I will need to seal canes.  Jon Wier says he doesn’t have a problem with borers, so I guess all of his borers found their way to my house (and I would like to send them back!) If anyone has a solution other than sealing canes, let me know.


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