Grand Valley Rose Society of Michigan is a proud member of the American Rose Society. (ARS)  Our ARS local society is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan; we meet at the world renowned Fredrick Meijer Gardens. Hosting both a Spring and a Fall Rose show gives us plenty of opportunities to show our spectacular roses to YOU and to invite to you to join us in our passion for growing the best roses in Michigan.

We are also fortunate to have several members in our society who regularly take honors at both the district and national rose shows. Their experience in rose growing and showing techniques are an invaluable resource both to people who are new to growing roses as well as those who already know their way to the trophy table.

We hope that you will join our society as we continue to grow and climb to new heights!


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  1. Grand Valley Rose Society is not all about exhibiting roses though we all love the excitement of a good Show; first and foremost it is about our love for the Queen of flowers – the rose. Our objective is to bring the rose to YOUR garden and our members are eager to teach you how to achieve that goal. We have Consulting Rosarians at the ready to answer your questions and demonstrate the ease with which YOU can grow roses too. There are increasing numbers of new roses coming to market that are hardy to grow and require little care – that’s a plus for a novice rose-grower! We are a fun and friendly group and would so love to have you join us at our meetings, the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm, the Royce Kopchic room at Frederic Meijer Gardens. I promise you will be welcomed. Our meetings begin in March and end with our Christmas luncheon in December. We rest our weary knees and backs in January and February to gain strength for a new season of rose growing.

    Joan Stoffer
    President, GVRS

    • CAROL PENNINGA said:

      Do I need to be a memeber to attend your meetings? As a master gardener I care for the garden at the Ada Museum. I have met with Rose Enders at the museum and she was a great help with the problems I was having with the climbing roses there. I think the more I learn about roses the better, and I can not think of any better place then at a rose society meeting. Please let me know…thank you….
      Carol Penninga

  2. Everyone is welcome to come to a rose society meeting, member or not! Even if you just have a rose question and want to talk to a certified rosarian face to face about your problem, you will meet a room packed full of them at the Grand Valley Rose Society meetings!

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